Creative Suite

Creatively meaningful supply of corporate, promotional & customised gifts

Creativity through Innovation

Why Creative Suite?

As the name suggests, we help you to creatively communicate customer and employee value through the sourcing and supply of meaningful gifts.

It's not just another pen or mug - instead a purposeful gift fit for purpose that will communicate customer, employee and potential customer value.

We understand that people are different and a way of embracing these differences is by being attentive to what they like or dislike and this can be done by selecting the appropriate gifts as incentives.

So whether you're looking for options for a press drop, special function, promotional/corporate items; we are here to help you create that warm and fuzzy feeling that makes people feel valued, be it customers/employees/guests at a function.

We help you find creative solutions which communicate some effort was made, opposed to just "spending the budget" or "handing out freebies" for the sake of it.

We know and understand that these type of meaning gestures contribute to employee well-being and as well as customer retention.

Our Services

Tick - Creative Suite


T-shirts, hoodies, caps, shirts, aprons, baby vests and a variety of apparel is available branded, or unbranded.

Tick - Creative Suite

Corporate Gifting

Stationery, Notebooks, Water Bottles/Flasks, Bags, USB's and much, much more for individuals/teams.

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Special Events

Bridal party t-shirts, Baby Shower t-shirts, welcome signs, retail gift vouchers, experience gift vouchers and school t-shirts for all events.

Tick - Creative Suite


Party/Function invitations, business cards, Flyers, Menus, Decals, WhatsApp & other digital Promo's, custom T-Shirts & other memorabilia.